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11 Am Sunday Socially Distanced Service in the Sanctuary

Learn more about our 11 am Sanctuary service and how you can register to attend.

What to know about our Socially Distanced Service in the Sanctuary

We appreciate the continued and faithful blessings of your patience as the path for our safe worship is laid out anew. Please continue to be in prayer for our congregation as we do our best to respond faithfully in these difficult times. Our Elders and Deacons have provided for a service in the Sanctuary on Sunday Morning that is Socially Distanced. Please take notice of the following.

  • Doors open at 10:45 for 11 Am service.
  • Please park in the front lot and enter through the southwest entrance double glass doors.
  • It will be an abbreviated service similar to the drive in service
  • The nursery is now available during the 11am service.
  • 50 person Max Worshiper Occupancy in worship space
  • Pre-Register to attend either online (link on this page) or via calling office (first come, first serve - anyone missing the cap will be given preference for the next worship opportunity - Just Call the Church office at (731) 285-5703 and we will get your party down for the next week.
  • 3 Staff Max up Front and 1 Staff A/V Booth
  • Ushers/Volunteers will be working during the service and will not be seated in the sanctuary.
  • General Health Check at Door - "If you have a fever, cough , or difficulty breathing, please don't come in."
  • Restrooms are available
  • Volunteer Ushers lead to seat and to dismiss (one row at a time)
  • Masks Worn in transit and throughout the entire service
  • Singing Allowed
  • Please Sit with members of your household

Community Covenant For 11 am Sunday Socially Distanced Service in the Sanctuary

I promise to cheerfully keep to the guidelines provided above...especially:

  • I will wear a mask throughout the service (the church will provide one for me if I don't have one)
  • If I have a fever, cough , or difficulty breathing, I will not come inside
  • I will respect the social distancing provided by the ushers/volunteers
  • I will sit with members of my immediate family/household